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How to run Selenium Bots on VPS 24/7 for free.

Updated: Jun 17

In this article, I will show you on how to run any bot or software 24/7 in a VPS for absolutely free. I will show you first how to get the VPS and then we will setup and install the bot on it. We will get this free VPS in Google Cloud Platform for free without paying any money. Lets start:

1. Register Google Cloud and get $300 credit

-Follow this link to register and claim your $300 credit to use for free in the google cloud services.

-After creating your account you have to enable billing on your account. To do this you have to go to billing tab in your account and make sure to enable it because you can't get a VPS without enabling billing. You will never get charged without your decision so don't worry about that.

2. Create a Virtual Machine

-To create a Virtual Machine you have to first enable compute engine in google cloud. Search for "Compute Engine" in search box of google cloud and click enable on Compute Engine API.

-Now go to marketplace and search for "Windows Server 2016", then click on it and put configurations for your new vps.

3. Connect your VPS

-You can connect your VPS using RDP, after creating your virtual machine it will show you a option to connect to your vps using RDP.

-Then it will prompt you to create a new user and password for accessing your vps. Create them and download your RDP file.

-To connect your RDP you just need to click in the file but because doing it make sure to have RDP program installed in your computer.

4. Install and run your bot.

After connecting your VPS you have to download google chrome so you can download your bots from your links and install other programs needed to run your bots. Then you can run and program or bot 24/7, it will continue to run even if you disconnect and close your virtual machine.

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